Red Flags for Weight Loss Claims

Many weight loss programs promise unattainable goals or can sacrifice your general health. With millions of Americans struggling to loss weight every year, the weight loss industry is infested with predators. Though weight loss is obtainable, safety when choosing weight loss plans should be paramount. Summer weight loss provides the highest peaks in profits next to holiday weight loss. This season, keep yourself informed. When choosing a weight loss product, keep in mind several warning signs and protect yourself.

Warning Signs:
Be careful of weight loss programs, drugs, or supplements, which lack any proven scientific data and results. If a medication will not give you a list of all their ingredients, don’t waste time or your money.

Avoid weight loss programs, which are sold on the internet only, and don’t provide adequate consultations or information.

If a weight loss programs or obesity medications do not suggest in print to seek medical supervision, they may be weary of outside discouragement. Confident companies will encourage supervision and healthy advice from weight loss specialist or physicians.

If a weight loss program is using words such as “miraculous”, “instant”, “immediate”, or “drastic” you may want to stay away. Healthy weight loss programs provide truthful and realistic goals. Proper programs encourage a steady pace that gives small increments of healthy results. Yo-Yo weights and crash diets are neither healthy nor provide long-term results. The Federal Trade Commissions “7 Red Flags” campaign advises; any program, which causes more than 2 pounds per week, per month, needs approached with great caution.

Never enter into contracts beyond month to month.. Products that want to bill you monthly or force a yearly contract may not always be confident that a user will be happy with results beyond 30 days.

Look for money back guarantees so you can take the product to a medical professional before solidifying the sale.

Many supplements, herbs, and vitamins can wreak havoc on your organs. Used with prescription drugs, some may be deadly. Because a weight loss pill is marked natural does not mean it is more effective or safer then prescriptions.

Products, which contain ingredients not tested by the FDA, may cause long term or future damage. If you want to try these products, give yourself at least 6 months to 1 year after the product hits the market, to see if any health issues are reported.

Never use weight loss products prescribed to another individual. Many times, products may be specialized to their medical history and will not take into account you own health issues.

Any drugs that claim you will reach weight loss goals without any exercise or change in eating routines should be avoided. No permanent or safe weight loss is achievable without adequate life style changes.

If you choose a plan, read all the term and conditions before beginning Look for any hidden cost and be sure to know what they expect of you financially and personally.

Find out more about weight loss programs on the FDA’s website.

To Do:
Protect yourself and read all available information on a weight loss programs or diets before beginning. If information is scarce, consider that a red flag.

Always speak to a doctor for advice before beginning.

Always have supervision throughout your weight loss efforts. Monitor blood pressure, heart rates, and any disorders/illnesses.

Have a doctor check you for underlying conditions that may cause your obesity or any weight issues. These conditions can be controlled, thereby contributing to weight loss from the source, removing the need for radical weight loss drugs.

Begin an exercise program that is within your abilities and safe for any injuries and illnesses. Remember no exercise is equal.

Begin researching and changing your diet along with weight loss programs. Find ways to eat what you love in a healthy way.

If your weight gain has underlying emotional issues, seek professional help in that area as well. Most states have free or low cost mental health programs with discretion.

Find a weight loss buddy where you live. You can also join online forums to find weight loss friends. Try Google’s list of online weight loss support groups or find one in your area.

You can join online weight loss clubs or forums to share stories, gauge progress, and find new recipes and tips.

Be safe, smart, and be comfortable with your body at each stage.
As with all consumer products, remember, if it looks to good to be true…it probably is!