Anabolic steroids are popular among athletes and body builders. This is because they are able to help the users to gain muscle mass much faster. Moreover, some steroids have been known to enhance the performance of the athletes in competition. However, there are some side effects that prolonged use of these steroids can have on the users. This article will look at some of the side effects of prolonged use of steroids to boost the appearance and performance of individuals. Some of these effects include;
This generally occurs in females. This is a situation whereby women take the anabolic steroids, which is actually a derivative of hormone testosterone. This therefore causes the women to develop some masculine attributes such as deepening of voices, increased facial hair, increased acne, changes in the skin texture and growth of body hair. These are some of the effects of prolonged steroid use in females.

Feminization of males

This is an effect of steroid seen in men who have used the drug for an extended period of time or in high doses. The excess testosterone that is administered to the body is converted to hormone estrogen. Hormone estrogen is responsible for many of the feminist properties in women. Higher amounts of estrogen in the body therefore lead to feminist attributes such as larger breasts, decreased libido in the men, a reduced sperm count coupled by a shrunken testes and soft mass muscle. Most of these side effects are reversible once the cycle has been completed and steroid use halted.
Cardiovascular effects of steroid use.
It is a common property of steroids to increase the amount of LDL which is the bad cholesterol into the blood. Moreover, the steroids also lower the amount of HDL which is the good cholesterol in the bloodstream. This therefore cause clogging of the blood vessels especially in area surrounding the heart. This is dangerous since it leaves the user susceptible to heart attacks and even strokes. In addition, steroids lead to an increase in the body weight which may lead to high blood pressure in the people who are using the steroids. This further leaves the user at risk of suffering from a cardiovascular disease or event that could be life threatening and in some instances even fatal.
There may be problems with the kidneys.
Continued use of steroids can lead to overworking of the kidneys and liver. This is because these organ have to work extra hard to get rid of the toxins that have entered the bloodstream with the steroids. This therefore leaves the body with a lot of detoxification to do. This can lead to kidney failure and high blood pressure to the users. The symptoms to such disease include swelling of the lower legs and ankles.
Skin problems.
This is especially experienced by women. The use of steroids may lead to large pores on the skin which eventually may cause serious acne. Moreover, the use of steroids leads to weight gain which can lead to a person having prominent stretch marks. These are just a few of the effects of prolonged use of steroids. It is important that if you are taking them, you strictly adhere to the recommendations of your doctor for maximum benefits and minimum side effects.