Many people are trying to lose weight one way or another. Whether it is for reasons of beauty or health, almost all of us want to shed off a few pounds. But while it is quite easy to lose a little weight, it is much more difficult to keep it off. This is where a lot of weight-loss enthusiasts begin to get frustrated. They usually lose a few pounds then gain it right back, plus a few more. Here are some tips to help keep the weight off permanently.

Tip 1: Do not skip any meal. Contrary to what some people believe, skipping a meal will not help you lose weight faster. In fact, skipping meals can be very unhealthy. It is much better to eat around five to six small meals every day as this helps balance both your calorie intake and your blood sugar level.

Tip 2: Go fresh. Packaged foods usually contain a much higher level of sodium and fat, so it is best to purchase fresh food as much as possible. You will be surprised by how much weight you can shake off just by cooking and packing your own lunch rather than eating out.

Tip 3: Watch your portion size. This is especially true when you eat out. For example, a serving of pasta means a half cup, but most restaurants serve around two cups. That’s four servings of pasta in one meal! When eating out, you don’t have to consume everything on your plate. You can take the leftovers home if you do not want to let your money go to waste.

Tip 4: Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. These are excellent sources of dietary vitamins, fiber, and essential antioxidants. They also help you maintain a low calorie count and make you feel full a lot faster, which helps in controlling your portion size.

Tip 5: Do not be too strict. Remember that you are working on weight loss, not punishing yourself for some crime. You do not have to say goodbye forever to your favorite treats such as chocolate and chips. In fact, depriving yourself of your favorites may backfire, as it will create a deep craving that usually results in a relapse. You simply have to minimize the quantity and frequency of indulging in these treats.

Tip 6: Exercise. Most health experts agree that 30-60 minutes of physical activity each day is necessary for us to maintain good health. Increased physical activity is indeed the best weight loss strategy for anyone. Just taking the stairs instead of the elevator goes a long way towards improving your cardiovascular strength. Exercise also helps build more muscle and eliminate more fats.

Following these simple tips could send you on your way to a healthier and happier life. After all, weight loss is not only a matter of looking good, it is also a matter of health and well-being.